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Hi, we are Drbloom

ūüĆąWe believe color can inspire women to be even more positive, creative and brave. We believe in a better fashion industry.





how we do it






 1. Color

 Color has the power to change your mood. It can affect your emotions. And it can become a big part of your identity. Learning everyday with our color community.

2. Prints

Bea, our designer draws all of our prints. We print them in Barcelona and take care of all the details. We like to experiment with color coordinations.

3. Made in UE, like family

From the beginning, we partnered with suppliers that respect their workers, improve their living conditions, and provide them with a good working environment, the same values we believe in.


4. Fair and Exclusive

One drop per month, small quantities per article. No itermediaries, no overproduction in order to offer quality products with a fair price. 

5. Natural Fibers

We are inpired by textiles and colors. We use natural fibers and we focus on making comfortable garments. We are working on reducing our carbon footprint prioritizing proximity.

6. Accessories

Accessories can play a big part in color coordination. This is why we have been designing bags, sneakers and we have so much more coming!